Hi there, I'm Ka-ma-pa-la, mum of 3 boys, author and founder of a small creative digital marketing agency

​I write culturally diverse children's books with a strong focus on black character leads. I write these books to inspire little black/brown boys and girls. I feel representation in children's literature is very important as it offers all children variety in what they read and acceptance of others.

​It is my hope that one day, diverse books will become as easily accessible as other books. For now I am doing my bit one book at a time and helping other diverse authors bring their stories
to life through my publishing services.

Inspirational Stories

Kamapala's children's books tell beautiful stories filled with moral values of love, kindness, confidence, patience, gratitude, understanding of others and more....


When my 1st 2 sons were toddlers, I wanted to in still in them a love for reading and stimulate their cognitive development.

Trips to our local libraries was how I set about achieving this.

We loved our library trips but I soon realised that we kept coming back home with more or less the same book - the conventional European character centred story plot.


I wanted my boys to see different. I wanted them to see themselves represented so I started to scout for diverse books. Much to my disappointment and frustration, there were only but a handful in the local libraries around me.

Long story short, I decided to write these books.Not just for my boys but so that children, all children have a variety in the books available to them.

The frustration of trying to get my book published and being told that there was not enough demand for diverse books is why I set up my own publishing services. Now, I help other diverse authors bring their stories to life.

Kind Obi

Readers' Favorite 5 Stars Rated


"In Kind Obi, Kamapala Chukwuka teaches children why being polite is necessary. She illustrates the power and value of empathy in kind obi beautifully


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