You were created for greatness don't settle for less.

Certified Life Coach & Consultant 


Hey, my name is Kamapala Chukwuka. Believing in you and helping you find your greatness is my thing.

I'm a certified Life Coach specialising in Confidence building. I empower women by giving them the confidence they need to create the life they love and deserve. 

A few years ago, I was frustrated by my lack of self-confidence and people pleasing ways that I decided to go a self empowerment journey. It was as a result of that journey that I found my life's purpose - empowering others to create the life they deserve.

I believe that each and everyone of us has greatness within us(whatever greatness means to you) and we are held back from achieving this greatness by self-limiting beliefs or for fear of the opinions of others. 

We are powerful and can achieve whatever we set our minds to. 



Yemisi D

 In just 3 weeks Kami helped me gain the confidence i needed to take my business to the next level. I tell everyone about her.

May 2020


Children are a blessing! After the birth of my first son, I knew I had found a divine purpose in motherhood. This purpose will always be to me, the most important and most fulfilling.I love and cherish my boys dearly and I'm honored to be their mum. Out of that deep love and connection I share with them, came the words for this beautiful and heartwarming children's book. 


My hope, wish and prayer is that whenever this book is read, it will bring joy and love to the heart of the reader.For me there's no bond stronger than that between mother and child. It is so precious and should be cherished forever.


Book Description 

  • Mummy’s love for you will always be is a an adorable children's picture book which celebrates the love a mother has for her child.

  • It also celebrates the precious first milestones a child achieves.

  • The book is beautifully illustrated to capture the attention of little ones.

  • The words are sweet and warm for parents to relate to.

  • The sentiments of this book will be loved and appreciated by all who read it.

  • A perfect gift for Mums / Moms.


Share the love, grab your copy and kindly share with loved ones.



Ama's Gift is a Children's Book that encourages everyone to share their special gifts and talents without fear of what others think.

This book inspires confidence, positivity and courage.



As your coach, I will provide support and direction in the following ways:

  • Be a partner to remind you of your greatness and potential

  • Ask you challenging questions all the while relying on your inner wisdom to provide you with insight to take the next step.

  • Give you tools to get you from stuck to thriving​.

  • Challenge you to take action in spite of your fears​.

  • Be a guide who can anticipate the obstacles on your path to a better life​.

  • Give you advice and information - drawing from my experiences and the experiences of people I've worked with​.

  • Provide ongoing support in the form of encouragement and motivation.

  • Be there to celebrate your successes and hold your hand through difficult times.

My only agenda and hope for you is that you become successful

and fulfill your dreams. 

Looking forward to working together 


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