In 2013 while expecting my 1st son, I had the pleasure of befriending an 80 year neighbour called Margaret. Every Friday morning, she'd invite me over to her's for tea and a chat. Ooh how I loved and looked forward to our chats. I was quite sad when she had to go live in a hospice. The lady had so much wisdom to share and I cherished all the knowledge she imparted on me.

Most of what she would share, I'll go back home, write down in my journal with the hope that I too would one day get to the opportunity to share with someone else. Well cherished one, count yourself lucky because I'm in my share mood 😊 Hope the following advice will be as helpful to you as it has been to me :

Don't let anyone else be responsible for your happiness - I use this advice as a life principle. While we can not usually control other people's behaviour, we certainly have the power to control how we react and respond to them. We can choose to manage our inner emotions despite negative exterior events. It really isn't your job to make everyone happy, you are not candy 😊

Boldly ask for what you want - If you don't ask you don't get. No one can read your mind to find out what your desires and wants are. You have to ask. And don't let fear stop you because you never know what the answer will be - they might just say yes. As a life coach, I come across clients who struggle with the fear of asking for what they want and I always use this advice as my point of call.

Always look for opportunities to grow - you are never too wise to learn something new, even from a child. Seek knowledge, take advice especially from people who have been where you are headed. As we improve on ourselves, our personal and professional relationships will improve too.

Be patient - We live in a society where we want everything and we want it now. With no real roots planted, no wonder we crash and burn at the slightest setback. Anything worth having takes time. Time for growth. Time for emotions to mature to handle whatever life throws at you. Patience is a virtue that makes us cherish and appreciate our hard work and efforts. Without which we are likely to take things for granted.

Make time for your loved ones - Your family is more important than your job. Make time for them. Tailoring this advice specifically to me she said "your kids will grow up so quick enjoy those precious firsts milestones with them because you will never have them again". Be there whenever they need a friend to confide in and be their first point of advice.

Laugh daily - Laughter is a great anti-aging treatment for the soul. If you really can't find a reason to laugh, find a reason to be grateful it is likely to put a smile on your face. Life is too short, make sure you spend most of your days doing what makes you happy.

Have you received advice or lessons that you hold dear to you? Please kindly share.

Wishing you all the love and happiness you deserve xxx

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