To those of you who don't know me, my name is Kamapala(Ka-ma-pa-la) Chukwuka(Choo-koo-ka) but everyone fondly calls me Kami.

Kamapala is a name I cherish very much because of it's meaning. It means grandmother(grandma) of a very tiny district in my village of origin. Grandma - ah sigh. No doubt I am who I am today :)

When I hear grandma, the following words come to mind:

*Nurturing *Encouraging *Counsellor

*Wise *Loving *Affectionate

*Kind *Patient *Warm

*Caring *Guide *Tolerant

I hope your grandma is(was) all these and more to you. Mine certainly was and I'm glad she chose my name too.

My surname ( husband's name) - Chukwuka means God is the greatest. A statement I believe with all my heart to be fact and one that guides and directs all that I do.

It is believed in my culture that a person's name has a great part to play in shaping their destiny. Well in my case, this might actually be true. Ever since I was a little girl, I always had the tendency to lift, hold and support others.

This didn't always however stem from a place of love, sometimes it was done out of lack of confidence or fear but the one thing that was always consistent was that it was done.

I always thought growing up that I'd become a doctor or nurse but I guess that wasn't meant to be or I didn't have the brains for it :) However, professionally I always found myself in roles of support be it through customer assistant all the way to management. Again I say, it seems my destiny was shaped.

8 years ago, while battling with extreme low self esteem, broken, confused with not much sense of purpose, I went on a self discovery/development journey and that's where I found love - TRUE LOVE!

*Love so deep, I couldn't even explain it.

*Love that made everything make sense!

*Love completely void of any religious practice I once affiliated with. *Love so strong, so powerful, so encompassing that it completely overshadows my fears, insecurities and flaws.

*Love that gave me a whole new identity, gave me purpose.

*Love so thoughtful and kind it is not jealous or envious.

*Love that is not proud or arrogant and is not easily angered.

*Love that is not rude or self-seeking or overly sensitive.

*Love that propels me even when I can't find my feet.

*Love that always looks for the best in others.

*Love that celebrates the successes of others and does not compare.

I really would love to explain it with words but I feel I'd be doing it a great injustice. I can only hope and pray that you experience it for yourself.

With clarity, I went about life and when the time was right I went on to study to become a Life coach and a Support Counsellor for women.

Check out my about me page to read a little more about my journey. I'm blessed to be doing what I do, I'm blessed to be living a life of purpose. If it can happen for me, it certainly can happen for you too.

I am Kamapala Chukwuka, I am LOVE and so are YOU!

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