I'm a firm believer that time is a precious commodity and shouldn't be taken for granted! That's why I was very excited when Quratulain asked to share her post on my site.

Hope by reading, you'll be so inspired that you wouldn't waste another second of the precious time you have left ❤️


Today I had an interesting conversation with my colleague. He argued that, despite the fact that many people consider the value of time and money to be similar, their essences are not the same.

He said: “You can always find a way to earn back money even if you go bankrupt, but you can never earn back the time you've spent” – H.G

Quite thought provoking, isn’t it? We take time for granted. We waste it on browsing social media pages, watching old and mundane tv shows – we even waste it on the job that just pays us.

The time we spend on doing things that don’t necessarily benefit us, becomes a part of our history – the moment, the seconds, minutes and hours, are gone forever like grains of sand slipping through our fingers.

Time must be spent wisely. With our family and friends, doing community service, helping others, experiencing new things, learning something new and so on.

Thanks to the internet, many of these things come free. And when you earn it, you will realize it’s value. Its not about the quantity, but the quality of time.

Wishing you success as you learn to spend your time more efficiently xxx

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Quratulain Mehdi is a Masters in Marketing Communication graduate based in the UAE. She’s an aspiring content writer/blogger who loves researching, learning and experiencing new things. She also enjoys arts and crafts during her spare time. She has aspirations to one day travel to several destinations on her bucket list. She’s very thoughtful and loves to observe.

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