So, my little human self (that part of me that only cares for me, myself and I) has been hard at work trying to distabilise my flow 😊

All because of an incident that happened the other day.

A friend of mine called, very excited because she had just published her first book. She knew without any doubt that the moment she told me the good news, I'd be screaming and dancing for her. And believe you me, that was exactly what happened. I was so happy for her, well at least the love side of me was. The moment I hung up, my little human self, thinking only of her self, went into full tantrum :

"See everyone else has come from behind and published ahead of you and your book is still unpublished"(She's very competitive).

"The way things are going, you should start telling people about all the big ideas you are planning on executing, at least that will give you some relevance in the game"

I'm going to spare you all the full extent of the tantrum, I can sense even she is getting slightly embarrassed 😳

So, the love part of me(the part that is patient, kind,compassionate, understands that there is a season for everything,... you get the drift), familiar with these tantrums, did what she does best, remembered first of all that she still is a very tender part of me and all she really needed was love and assurance. So she went on to remind her of the following :

She is Loved : Loved unconditionally by the creator of the universe. He took His time to fashionably and beautifully form her. As if that wasn't enough, she is on His mind all the time. I mean how much more special can she be to be on the Almighty's mind all the time.

She is a mum : The fact that she'd borne and is nurturing these 2 gorgeous, unique little angels made her an admiration and a source of hope for all the amazing women out there still hoping and praying for the fruit of the womb.

She is a wife : The fact that her husband, out of all the beautiful women he had had the opportunity of meeting, chose her and made her his queen, should remind her that she is wanted and is a celebration of her womanhood.

She is cherished : If for some reason, she was to be taken from this life ( I sense you panicking, don't worry I'm still here and will be for a long time to come 😉) , someone, nay a few people would be very sad and miss her very much.

She is worthy of love : She's worked hard to mend many broken pieces of her life to the point where she is now quite confident in herself so she really doesn't have to prove herself to anyone. If anything she should be proud of how far she's come.

She is a role model : When it comes to being a virtuous woman, she should be proud of herself for never claiming to be perfect. She's always admitted and acknowledged her flaws and continues to work towards becoming a better person.

Yes, she is human so she will always struggle with envy, jealousy, 'what about me moments', but the overflowing love of God in her will always be there to remind/assure her that :

just because she loves, appreciates, cares for others, is happy to see others succeed, encourages, supports others, nurtures others,

doesn't take away from the fact that she is loved, appreciated, cherished, supported etc.

There is enough love to go round, don't let your little human self stop you from sharing.

I do, appreciate my little human self from time to time, yes she's difficult, unreasonable but she keeps me humble and reminds me of my vulnerabilities 🙏🏾

Thanks so much for taking time out to browse through. You are loved and appreciated.


Please don't forget to share this post with all the beautiful people you know with little human selves to remind them that in spite of their flaws, they are powerful, loved and cherished. xxx

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