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My ideal society, would be one in which, once we had all our needs met, we passed on the excess to the next person in need and when they had their needs met, they passed it on and so on and so forth - so that everyone had enough.

A society where people could always rely and count on each other for moral, spiritual, emotional support... If wishes were horses eh? 😊

I'm a lover of kindness. I wish, pray and hope it with every waking breath.

Nope, I'm no Mother Theresa, I shall not be forsaking all things to go live among the poor. However, I do practice a more simple form of kindness.

Kindness which I believe is quite tailored to the times we live in - the fast paced, social media centered, have no time for myself let alone for anyone else.

So I go out everyday with the hope of making a difference in someone's day/life.

Here are a few reminders on how to show kindness :

1.) Use your words to lift others : A kind word goes a long way. Compliment people! People are already aware of their weaknesses no need magnifying them. Find their strengths and magnify those instead. Encourage someone, make them feel good about themselves.

2.) Smile, it brightens lives : Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like everything was going wrong? And right in the midst of the chaos, some random stranger gave you a lovely big smile that you couldn't help but reciprocate? That's the thing about a smile, it's infectious😊(see my smiley face made you smile 😊)

3.) Use your 'Please and Thanks' : Good manners go a long way in making other people's day. I know how I feel when I open the door for someone and they just walk right through as if it was their birth right! I try to remember that feeling and make sure I don't put anyone through it. Acknowledging others, showing appreciation are powerful gestures that make a big difference.

4.) Listening : Being there for someone who needs to talk, lending a shoulder for someone to cry on can mean the world to them. Having a little chat with the homeless person who sits on the corner of the street. By making the time for them, you remind them of their importance.

5.) Random acts : Like letting the lady with the baby jump ahead of you in the queue, charging a little less for a service you rendered, offering to pay the balance for the stranger who is frantically looking for change to make up their grocery amount, collecting a parcel for your neighbour, volunteering at game nights in a care home. You know where I'm going with this :)

Love and Kindness are never wasted, they always make a difference, so keep sharing.

Here is a little story to inspire you :

Two men who shared a hospital room, ended up becoming friends. One of them whose bed happened to be near the only window in the room was allowed to sit up everyday for about an hour.

Everyday, he would describe the activities and colours of the outside world to his friend : The park overlooking the lake, ducks swimming, children playing, couples walking hand-in-hand, the skyline etc. His description always put a smile on his friend's face as he imagined it all in his mind's eye.

One day, the man by the window died and his roommate moved into his place. He propped himself up to look outside and was amazed to see a brick wall! Confused, he asked the nurse how come his friend had described the scenery in such glowing terms. She replied, 'Actually he was blind and couldn't even see the wall. He only described it that way, to lift your spirits and encourage you.

Simple random act of kindness make a difference and could potentially change a life.

I'm sure you have lots of ways in which you show kindness, please share.

Wishing you all the love and happiness you deserve xxx

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