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Like most people, I too, love and covet nice things 🙈! I love wearing beautiful clothes! I love the look on my little men’s faces when they get a new toy! But I'm soon confronted with these nagging questions: how much is enough? How much is too much? How much stuff will it really take to make you happy?

Ever felt the urge to go shopping and then in the same breath think to yourself, do I really need to? Then try to convince yourself that you do?!?

So guilty! - My rationalisation?... Oh, that's got me written all over it, besides IT'S ON SALE!!… I could just put it on the credit card, all eyes will be on me at the party, the kids will feel left out if they didn’t ride the top branded scooter…

Not my fault though I say in my justification, the deal's too good to resist… yup,"real life issues"!

So when do you get a grip and ask – how many pairs of shoes does a girl need before she realises she's got too many? How many cars, buses and trains will I buy for my sons just because they love moving objects? How many different colour shades of lipstick/gloss does a sista really need?

The concept of being content with what we see as little is such a hard one to grasp in today’s society - with the rise of flashy reality tv stars constantly bombarding our screens with their extravagant lifestyle, it’s hard for the ordinary man not to want a little of what they have.

It’s not just the tv stars though, it’s the mums at the school gates – you’ve seen them, skinny leggings and trainers with huge LV handbags, colleagues at our work places – you know, the ones that always have the latest gadgets, rock the latest fashion…the "I have a fully functional phone, but can’t wait to discard it when the latest model is released..." it’s just everywhere we look.

We are constantly being baited into wanting and getting more stuff! Buy, get and get some more! Boy is the pressure real, completely consumer focused society!

Even though I’m not extravagant in the slightest, I do sometimes long for the latest, the shiniest, the most glamorous, "all that glitters"... forgetting in all my wanting and getting to appreciate and acknowledge that, all things considered, I actually do have quite a bit!!!

Honestly, if I didn’t buy any clothes, shoes or bags for the next few months, I will be just fine, probably the same for you. But it can be difficult, so I remind myself of the benefits of abstaining, and strive for:

  • Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around

  • Freedom from attaching too much superficial value to stuff - to the detriment of our health, relationships, our passion, personal growth and a real chance to contribute beyond ourselves.

If like me, you're considering or are well on your journey to cutting down. Here's a little gem on minimalist living you may find helpful.

- So do you feel we are consumer focused society?

- Could you do with less 'stuff' in your life?

- What makes you content?

Please share your thoughts.

Wishing you all the love and happiness you deserve xx

Lots of love xxx

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