So y'all know your girl is on this self development journey. Happy to report back that I'm thriving beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks so much, I can sense you're happy for me ❤️ My latest area of work is on my thoughts.

Some days they are so rambunctious(haha I picked up this word up from one of the cartoons my boys watch )and rebellious I can't even believe they are mine. Now I'm on a mission to take control of them.

Picture this scenario I made up as an example of how quickly negative thoughts if left unchecked can get out of hand...

Two friends who I'll call Twig and Bee, decide to take a trip. They agree on a meeting spot from where they'd start their journey. Twig gets there on time and starts to wait for Bee. While she is waiting, she starts to entertain all these negative thoughts about why her friend is now 15 minutes late...

'I am sure she just couldn't be bothered to wake up early enough'

'Even if she did, she properly took her time knowing that I'll wait for her.

'I'm really fed up with her selfish way of behaving, she never thinks about others'

'When we get back from this trip, I'm cutting her off...really fed up with her bad habits'

35 minutes later just as she decides to leave, Bee shows up...tells her she just narrowly escaped death because the bus she was travelling on was in an accident and she is really shaken..she doesn't think she will be going on the trip anymore. She just wants to go home and be on her own.

However, she had to make it to Twig first because she knew she'd be very worried about her. Especially since she'd been unreachable as she had lost her phone the previous night.

Notwithstanding, seeing that they'd agreed on a meeting spot, she'd woken up early hoping to get there before Twig.

She hugs Twig and thanks her for being such a good friend and for waiting.

Well imagine how Twig now feels - how many minutes of unhappiness did she cause herself for absolutely nothing!

I may not be guilty of thinking the way Twig did in the above scenario but I'm guilty some about not always thinking the best about others. You know being human and all 😊 But I'm determined to make it my ex way of thinking.

Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt and even when they prove us wrong, we still can take comfort in the fact that we extended them that courtesy. Just as we too would like the same courtesy extended to us.

If left untamed, our thoughts will run wild and out of control. However, this doesn't have to be the case, because we have the power within us to guard, direct and discipline them.

How to guard your thoughts

1. Consciously think about what you think about : This is a mental exercise that requires patience but which I'm really grateful that I'm beginning to practice. Carefully examine your thoughts. Stop and ask yourself, “Are these thoughts bringing me happiness or unhappiness. If they are not positively impacting on your life and others then...

2.) Consciously replace the negative thoughts with positive ones : The thing to remember here is that one negative thought usually creates a chain of the negative thoughts. Have you ever received services from a checkout assistant , who wasn't very friendly? Before now, I used to think to myself ugh how rude, surely a smile wouldn't kill you...not any more. Now I say, probably they're having a bad day, then I offer a smile and wish them a better day and I usually get that smile back.

3.) Be kind to yourself and others : You are work in progress and you will definitely have days when you lapse in keeping up with the positive mindset. This definitely doesn't make you a bad person, it only makes you a good person who's had an oversight, so you shake it off and get back on track.

4.) Sift your thoughts by asking the following questions :

  • Is it true?

  • is it pure?

  • is it noble?

  • is it lovely?

  • Is it right?

  • Is it excellent or praise worthy?

  • Does it give you peace ?

Philipians 4:8 tells us to only think on the above goodness.

5.) Feed your mind with positivity : Our minds are our greatest assets. It's important we are careful about what we put in them. The more we are exposed to negative information whether through the media or the people we surround ourselves with, the more negative we become. Likewise, feed your mind with good, noble, pure, positive, kind, inspirational, motivational thoughts and watch your life transform for good. Here's a gentle reminder of some of the things I think of you :

You are capable of thinking good thoughts.

You are capable of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

You are kind and considerate

You do unto others what you'd like done unto you

You are amazing

Lots of love always xx

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