Practising gratitude at all times in all things can be a very hard thing to do. However, people who have managed to master this way of life highly recommend it. As already outlined in Mastering the art of gratitude 1, there are tremendous health benefits which come with practising this act.

When your heart truly desires knowledge, God finds a way to get it across to you. So just like that, I happened to get another magnificent perspective on how saying thanks benefits us exceedingly - Rev. Eveyln Foreman's post - 8 Reasons to Respond With Thanks EVEN WHEN You Feel Ungrateful.

It was such a good read and so discerning, that I felt compelled to share. Read all about it here and thank me later.

Here is a little nugget:

Did someone just cut you off in traffic causing you to miss your turn?

Say “Thank You!”

Was someone rude to you at the grocery line for no reason at all?

Say “Thank You!”

Did you just miss the train by a hair?

Say “Thank You!”

If you’ve ever come to a situation that you’d rather not be in, and have an impulse to throw darts (even if it’s just in your head), know that it is a perfect and opportune time to open yourself up to a practice of giving thanks.

She so profoundly put it this way, "saying Thank You is really an ingenious way of shifting your own energy from incoherent to coherent" especially in situations we usually perceive as negative.

I guess, it's a fair statement to make that we all have one thing or another to be grateful for. And even more so, when everything seems to be going well for us. But one thing I find myself asking, is how to do some people manage to practice gratitude always?

Here are some useful tips that help me :

1.) Count your blessings : Haha back in my Sunday school days, we used to sing a song which went something like this - count your blessings name them one by one. Count your blessing see what God has done...

These words might not really mean anything to you until you consciously start to follow through. I mean have you ever sat down to count your blessings? No? Please do, you'll be overjoyed by the time you get to number 5 😊 and if you already do, how rewarding is this practice eh? 😊

2.) Stop Comparing yourself with others : “Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt

I feel I need to write a proper post on this because there is so much to say. Comparing myself with others was a flaw I lived with for so many years. Until I finally got a revelation of my uniqueness and I was set free. So here is a little bit of my new improved perspective -

FACT : There will always be people better than me in one way or the other.

MY SOLUTION : Aspire, connect with them, learn from them. Be better, do better, grow.

FACT : There will always be people whom I will be better than in one way or the other.

MY SOLUTION : Encourage, advice, inspire, show kindness, show love, motivate at every given opportunity.

No matter how bad you've got it, someone out there has got it even worse. You are Enough, Be Thankful!

3. Put gratitude in writing, keep a gratitude journal : seriously how many times have you heard this before? Have you really ever kept one? I have, and for many years now. Though, if I'm being honestly not consistently but I really understand the importance of keeping one.

Whenever I read through any of my entries I feel a deep sense of appreciation and accomplishment. I usually write about 5 to 10 things I'm grateful for and most days it's usually the same things maybe worded differently.

Ha, was going through my very early days of keeping one and I thought I'd share this one with you (please bare in mind when reading that I was just recently married and a complete amateur at keeping one🙈 😉)

If you haven't started keeping a journal, please do yourself a favour and start. You'll be so glad you did!

4. Help others - show kindness : When we take the focus off ourselves for a moment, and turn it over to some one in need, we realise we have so much to be grateful for. Showing kindness let's the other person know that they mean something, that they matter. Offering services to others makes us happier. So why not?

By taking action on any of the above tips on a daily basis, we soon realise that mastering the art of gratitude isn't so hard.

Wishing you all the best as you successfully master the art of gratitude xxx

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