Warning : this is not one of my typical feel good, let's get positive type post. I'm writing this one with the hope of getting through to just one person, so I'll go straight to the point. The other day a friend of mine told me of a recent incident that she encountered and frankly it left me really sad and baffled. And it's the reasons for this post.

She was walking back home late one night and she saw this girl sitting by the road side...she looked slightly drunk and usually my friend who I fondly call T would just walk by but she felt a strong prompting to speak to this girl.

So she leaned over and asked " Are you ok?" and the girls response shocked her..."Yeah I'm just waiting to die" she said.

So T thought yup she's drunk alright. So she cheekily laughed and asked "really why"?

To which the girl replied, "thanks for being the last person I'll ever speak to before I leave this sad depressing world"...

"People are just mean, no one notices you, no one cares, everyone is always on their phones"...

She just kept going on... and at this point T started to take her seriously.

So she asked, "what did you do"? And the girl replied, "I took all these pills a few minutes ago and my time will soon be up", pointing down at empty pill bottles...

T panicked and immediately dialled 999. The ambulance eventually got there after awhile...T narrated their conversation to the paramedics and she was rushed off to the hospital...

Unfortunately for T because she didn't get the chance to take a number or give hers, till this day she'll never know if the girl survived...Sad!

Before T even told me about this incident, I too had been thinking about how unsocial and individualistic we as a society had become. I recently took a train journey and out of a full carriage of 35 people (haha yup I counted), 25 were on their phones, 5 were reading a book and the rest just stirred away. It would have been 26, me included had I not made the conscious effort to look around instead.

I guess the question we'd ask here is, but what else could they possibly be doing other than?...I mean it's a train you don't expect people to just start a conversation with a total stranger right? My answer, honestly I don't know and that's the frustrating thing. Our world today is so PC that I guess any answer to that question will be met with opposition.

And if I'm being really honest, I absolutely understand why we bury our heads in our phones - we are so stressed at our jobs, by the pressures of everyday living that any opportunity to escape is quickly grasped and justified. However, there is something fundamentally wrong when a young girl feels she has to take her life because no one sees her, because everyone is busy on their phones.

What happened to the days when we used to say I'm my brothers keeper ( ha or sister's keeper 😉) and mean it literally. When did society become so disconnected that we barely even see our neighbours let alone know their names? What happened to the spirit of solidarity?

Haha, told you I was going for it 😊

I'm bothered! I'm sad and I really wish there was something I could do to change where as a society we are headed.

Since at the moment, I don't have the solution to this issue, I'll focus on what I can do on a personal level :

- I can offer a smile

- A hello

- A kind word

- I'll always make it clear to anyone who cares to listen that I'm a great listener, I love to be there if anyone needs someone to talk to.

- I'll consciously abstain from burying my head in my phone in public places 😊

End of rant!

Wishing you lots of love, joy, happiness and laughter. Hope you never feel alone... and if you do, I'm only a text/email away.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses

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