There is indeed a bright light in each and everyone of us or simply put there's good and bad in us all. Some days, being the light that lights the way for others is a little harder than others. Some days, we just want others to light the way for us. Lord knows I've had a few challenging days this week and turning on my light for others was a real struggle. Nonetheless,I knew I had to! Because being a light in this dark world is a way of showing love and I choose to show love despite my human emotions always trying to get in the way.

Light sources need to be switched on manually or even automatically to be used, or to be of importance to anyone. The main thing of note is, they need to be switched on. Love, I feel is the fuel/energy that powers the light within us. Some days, when I enter a room, I might not feel like being that bright light but I have to dig deep to that place where love for others dwells and switch me on.

I just recently had a deep conversation with my little human self. She is what I call that part of me that focuses solely on me, myself and I. That part that always wants her way all the time. The part that feels like the world owes her something. She was moaning because she was expecting reciprocity for a kind act she had performed, when that wasn't the case, she sulked, complained and grumbled.

So I sat her down to school her on where we were headed. It was this conversation that inspired the words for let your light shine. I reminded her that Love is never wasted because it's value doesn't rest on reciprocity. Real love requires a willingness to serve others without expecting anything in return. So,I show love despite not always feeling like it.

I've come to realise that I often put too much emphasis on my feelings or I give too much authority to my feelings. However, my feelings are highly unreliable and if allowed they will control and manipulate me. So when I feel like having the whole packet of biscuit in one go, I have to challenge my subconscious because if I don't eat it all, I won't die 😊 Or sometimes I don't feel like cooking or studying, however if these things need to be done, they'll get done no matter how I feel. I believe we all have the power within us to do what's right, to say no to a desire, a feeling or an impulse. Imagine if we all just went around doing what we felt like - not a very inspiring thought eh? 😊Thank God for self control.

I believe too many people go around with their lights turned off because of one negative life experience or the other. However, they are desperately hoping that someone will come along and help show them how to turn it back on. That's why I choose to always let my light shine, as I shine it often enough hopefully I will be an inspiration and a motivation for one such person.

You are a bright Light and nothing can dim your light, keep shining xx

Love lots

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