Being full time mum to two very active boys - And 4 and E 2, is exhausting! I find that their bedtime is the one time I anticipate the most and even sometimes celebrate 😊 They are so full of energy and I just can't keep up with the running, jumping, fighting, messing up that comes with all that energy. However, they are the sweetest, most lovable cuties ever. In between all the chaos are lots of moments of laughter, kindness and love. Here are my top 10 :

1.) The milestones - Aww, I remember those first little teeth poking through their gums - even though not pleasant for them so cute when they smiled. Their first steps, first chuckles, first words - precious memories.

2.) The affectionate hugs for no reason - Oh how I love these. They are so random and always treasured when received. Hugs that just say, “I'm so glad you're my mum”.

3.) The "I love you mummy" - I couldn’t wait to hear these words and when they finally came my heart melted. My heart still melts every time they say it. I never get tired of hearing it.

4.) The adoring look of love - Sometimes I catch my boys giving me this look that I interpret as " would you just look at her, that beautiful woman is my mum ;)

5.) The Jokes - The boys are always trying get me to laugh. They have the weirdest sense of humour. From pulling the silliest faces, coming up with words that don't make sense. Lots of days of laughter in my house.

6.) Establishing Independence / testing boundaries - That moment when you sound a warning and it falls on deaf ears . "Ethan don't touch that!" and he looks me deep in the eyeballs and still reaches for it as if to say "Oh yeah, if I do what are going to do about it?"

7.) Mispronunciation of words - even though I try to correct all the time - I can't help but find them adorable.

Yook = Look

Toyet = Toilet

eeyeven = Eleven

The LMNOP (abc song) - M-O-M-O -P

8.) The loving after the fight : This is a constant for us. Andrew comes to me crying - " Mummy I'm so sad, please make me better". And the culprit (Ethan) comes in, gives him a hug and says "sorry Andrew, feel better ok".

9.) My sick day loving - this is a rare treat for me. I have the most fortified immune system but occasionally it needs servicing. Staying in bed for a few extra hours with lots of hugs and concern is much enjoyed.

Ethan : "Mummy are you not feeling well?"

Me : "Yes baby"

Ethan : "Ok I'll go make something for you"

Andrew and Ethan : "Daddy, we need to make something for mummy, she's not feeling well".

10.) The endearment towards each other : Despite the fights, you can certainly tell they love each other. For the longest time after Ethan was born, Andrew referred to him as my baby. Now they refer to each other as 'My Andrew' and 'My Ethan. And fond hugs and kisses they levy on each other. #priceless

The joys and rewards of being a mum is truly to be cherished and I really do.

What are your adorable moments? Please share xxx

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