I love the saying 'with age comes wisdom', even though I know quite a few wise youngins :) The truth is, we get wisdom gradually through lots of experience over a long stretch of time. That's why I believe, we often go to our parents, grandparents or even great grand parents for advice on many issues. Because of their age we can call them wise or credit them with "understanding." I'm 'only 33' and yet I can say I'm a lot wiser now than when I was 16.

So if I could go back in time and have a chat with 16 year old me, I will first start by assuring her that she was going to be ok. Then I'll give her the following advice :

1. Be Patient : Remembering how argumentative she was, her response to this would have been "Why?" :)

Be patient because there is a time and a season for everything! Everything happens for a reason and most times you will not have the answers but enjoy the process of growth.

2. Be humble : Can see her rolling her eyes at this one :) Humility is a quality that is most admired and respected. When you are humble, you open yourself up to learning and growth.

3. Appreciate your grandma more : "But I do she'd say" (I grew up with my grandma). Hence why I said appreciate her more. Be kinder to her, respect her and help her with chores. Only now that I'm a mum can I appreciate all that she did for me. Her sacrifice to make sure I had all my needs met - very grateful for all she did.

4. Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself : Having an opinion doesn't make you rude or disrespectful. Saying no to what you're not comfortable with is perfectly ok. Just because you say no to a request doesn't make you less loved. People pleasing is an absolute waste of your brilliance.

5. Be you, be original : I know I would have had major objections to this advice. What she wouldn't have realised then was that her uniqueness was something to be celebrated. Something that made her special. So instead of trying to conform to be the most popular, loudest, most fashionable, just enjoy being you - the bookworm nerd!

6. Take note of your failures and learn from them : This would have terrified her! She was always trying to be perfect or so she thought. It was always almost impossible for her to admit to her mistakes, let alone acknowledge them. You are not perfect and this is ok. Maturity is admitting and apologising when you are wrong.

7. Don't be afraid to take risks : You will have fears and doubts about taking risks but don't let them stop you. Failure is a perfectly normal process of life - learn and grow with every failure. And remember if at first you don't succeed, analyse,modify and try again but whatever you do, don't give up on trying.

So do you have any advice for younger you? Please share x

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