The cliche of New Year Resolutions when the year roles in right? Some make them, some don't. Well, I've managed to fail at both! Hear me out... life is full of goals and aspirations, it's our yardstick for measuring how far we've come, how far we have to go, successes and failures - you get the gist... the year should be no different. So even when I don't intend to "make" a resolution, I find myself juggling a few in my head.

When I do make resolutions, you know... the usual - lose weight, eat more healthy, save more... I always start out all excited with so much fire, desire, will power - this is the year I definitely get to achieve X or Y... all that good stuff... By week 2, (probably no noticeable result yet or progress seems slow,) the fire is slowly burning out and by the end of the month, that's that for the year. I may pick it up again at the half point of the year, probably the guilt, but I know I'm fighting a losing battle.

Here's one thing I recently discovered about me - anything that overwhelms me gets shut down! That's my coping mechanism - not the best, but I'm working on it. So now I know this, my solution - KEEP IT SIMPLE!... SIMPLIFY!!... Beautiful word, beautiful concept. Life on it's own already comes with too many complications. That's why I will not deliberately be adding to it.

My strategy:

  • Set a goal

  • Simplify it and

  • Review it in small chunks.

I have a few things I'll be working at through the course of the year. I'll share some with you guys, that way I'll stay committed and accountable.

1.) Put more energy towards writing : It's now getting obvious that a girl is beginning to enjoy this blogging thing. Plus, she is really enjoying all the love and support she's getting from you lovely people (thank you all!). It's time for her to step up her game and put even more content out there. First:

- Turn off the tv : I've heard this a thousand times - to be proactive, to achieve goals, turn off the tv! IT WORKS GUYS! Not saying I don't watch any tv whatsoever, just a lot less. No more binge watching series for me. As a result I have found some spare time to learn and be more creative. Loving it!

- Read and gain knowledge : Heard this saying before, "Knowledge is power"? Of course you have - the more I read, the more I write, the more I become empowered, the more my resolve to be better and to do better. Whether you want to start a business this year, lose some weight, take up a new skill, learn a new hobby - read and read some more. 'Google is your friend!'... too old school for you? YouTube it :) Just get knowledge, so you can gain power - self power. I mix it up with what I call "simplified learning" - finding pockets of space to read/learn 1 new thing at a time, supplemented by podcasts, YouTube videos... just for variance.

2.) Save more : So while I was busy piling on the pounds over the festive season, my bank balance was on a diet of it's own - actively losing pounds. Let's just say it's lost so much weight, it's not looking very healthy. Time to help it get back to it's healthy figure, maybe even a sumptuous plus size, why not :). There are tons and tons of money saving tips websites out there. Money advice service, Money saving experts to name a few.

Here are a few things I do personally to help me save more:

Take note of my spending : This sounded a bit painful to begin with but it's a very easy and practical thing to achieve. It only took a few minutes to go through my bank statement to figure out what was coming in and what was going out. Once I figured this out, it was time to curb the spending habit.

Just because it was on sale didn't mean I needed to get it.

I said goodbye to impulse buying.

I made a weekly menu and I'm sticking to it

I cook in large quantity and freeze for another day meal

I make my own healthy snacks...So many things out there to help keep money in your pocket!

So yes a few good habits being adopted. If I keep it up I will definitely be happy with my next review. On actually putting money away for a rainy day, or for our next family vacay, or whatever else we desire. I came across 2 great ways or challenges that I will be following:

a.) The One Percent Challenge - in summary, it's putting away 1% of what you earn and gradually increasing it by 1% every month. Why 1% because it's such a small amount, it's easily doable, and if you stick with it, it all adds up. For example if you earn £1000/month, all you'll have to put away will be £10. Achievable? I absolutely think so! The following month you increase it to £20 and to £30 in month 3 and so on and so forth...Here's the full article, really interesting and helpful read.

b.) Take the penny challenge - turn pennies to mega pounds - This does exactly what it says on the tin. Stick with me here: You save 1p on day 1, 2p on day 2, 3p on day 3 etc. If you did this every day you will be £667.95 richer come the 365th day. Here is the full article, amazing concept, saving SIMPLIFIED!

3.) Lose weight : The number 1 New Year Resolution cliche of all. Unfortunately, it's a thing for me especially this year. I have a post on this and how I plan to achieve it. Click here to read all about it.

To keep on top of my simplified goals, I review them on a daily basis, then weekly and ultimately do monthly progress checks. The aim is to keep me motivated, to remind me to keep going! Hopefully this will be the year I achieve success at keeping a New Year's resolution. And if you have goals/resolutions set out too, I want to wish you all the success you deserve - simplify it, review it, and please share them with me so we can encourage each other; and together, we'll achieve our goals. xxx

Thanks for reading. As always your comments, feedback, suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please kindly share.

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