Did you do this too - eat so much over the festive season as if food was going out of style? If you didn't please try not to judge me :) My excuse - it was the festive season and I was secretly hoping everyone was doing it too. I usually try not to get sucked up into the 'Christmas Spirit' that takes over most people come December time. But boy did I fail this year! It could be because my little men were quite excited and that got me excited too. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good

I literally went on a "See food diet"- the worst kind of diet out there because it literally means eating everything you see! It wouldn't have been so bad if I got to do my usual 40 minutes power walk dropping and picking up my son from nursery. But, you guessed it... schools were on a break. To make matters worse, after eating all the chocolates, mince pies, cookies etc. I'd go straight on the sofa, sit and binge watch my favourite shows. See, told you it was bad.

My mother-in-law (bless her), in trying to give her grand kids the best time always goes out of her way to lay out a feast every Christmas - and, yup... I stuffed my face!!

I couldn't wait for the new year, so I can shake it it all off - my strategy: find plenty and fun ways to be active, and lots of fluid. Make it simple that way I could follow through and keep it up :

- Drink, drink lots of water and eat, eat some fruits : You've probably heard this too many times, but I can prove it - water... works.... miracles! - clear skin, better digestion, better immune, BAGS of energy! But also, water helps fill me up and suppress appetite; and when I'm peckish, I pick up a fruit instead of a chocolate bar.

- Dancing : Wish I really knew how, but I have a good laugh trying - fun way to burn some calories especially since I get my boys to join in.

- Little squats here and there : I borrowed this tip from a good friend of mine. Her advice - squat wherever and whenever. She squats while brushing her teeth, squats while cooking, squats all day everyday but only in little pockets of time. Thank me when you catch a glimps in the mirror after a few weeks ;)

- Take the stairs more : Boring, or fun depending on your mood, but some grunt work never killed anybody. I avoid using lifts as much as I can.

- 20 - 40 minutes brisk walks : Thank goodness we're back to school so my power walks are back en vogue - Hooray! And at the weekend, we all go for long enjoyable walks. Love it!

By keeping it simple, I know I will follow through. Good luck to anyone reading this post who is also on a quest to shed some pounds xxx

As always, please share your own tips with me. Comments, feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Kindly share xxx

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