I was truly overwhelmed by the positive response I got from my first post - such a high. Thank you all so much. After taking it all in, I suddenly got the "oh dear what have I done feeling"

I have now shared my post with all these people who think I can write and yup they certainly will be expecting more in the future.

Obviously my fear and doubt buddies had to weigh in - "See told you, you should never have started in the first place, now look how nervous you are struggling to put words together".

"Bet you this post will be nowhere as good as the first one"

"To keep readers interested, you need to keep writing good content - hope you know that's how blogging works...We all have fear and doubt voices and most of the time they stop us from taking that next step towards doing or being something incredible.

But, what we often fail to realise is, at the end of the day they are only voices and can certainly be shut down. We all have different ways on how we deal with these voices and here are some of the tips I use to shut my fear and doubt voices. Have a lot more tips but will love for you to keep coming back :))

5 Tips on how to deal with the Fear and Doubt that stop you from taking the next step...

1.) Make a decision and take one simple action

So I figured that there are 2 types of people when it comes to making a decision :

a.) The ready, set and they are off getting stuff done

b.) The second category which I fall under most times :) We start off something like this - ready, set, go. Hmm wasn't quite ready that time. I think it's better to count to 3. 1,2,3 umm 3, 2, 1? Goodness, I really need to start but I'm just not getting this counting thing right. I will certainly start if I count mississippilly ( 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi ) arrgh! what's going on.

My advice just take a decision! If you've been having this nagging feeling about starting your own business, taking a course, losing weight, starting your own blog, learning a new skill or hobby, saving more, quitting smoking etc - go with your gut feeling and just do it! It doesn't have to be perfect - just get started!

Don't get carried away with every single detail on how to get started most times the solution is gotten in the process.

Break it all down / Simplify.

10-20 minutes of exercise, 30 minutes of study time or self development, book your 1st music lesson , register your business...

My friend who runs a successful cleaning business said the 1st thing she did when she started out was to choose a name. Once she saw the name of her company, she knew she had to do all it took to bring it to life.

2.) Say No to your ifs and doubt buddies

I used to try to have a conversation with these guys but I realised the more I tried to reason with them, the more out of control they could get. So I learnt the only Language they respect - I learnt to say NO! No I am not having this conversation with you! Every time I said No, I could feel my 'of course I can' power getting stronger. Then it quickly became evident to me that they had no power than the one I gave them. My language has become a lot more positive. When I know they are being unreasonable and tell me I can't, I just reply with the response - I certainly can and I am doing it.

3.) Don't beat yourself up when you go off course or fail

Because life happens and because you are only human, I can almost guarantee that once you get started, you won't just keep going at it. However, when you find yourself here - just remember to pause, reverse and get back on track.

4.) Surround yourself with cheerleaders

Your cheerleaders are people who just make you feel good about yourself. They encourage, they motivate, they tell you you can do it even when you don't believe you can. People who make you want to do better, want to be better. Hey, thanks for being one of mine by the way. By reading this blog you are certainly cheering me on. I also happen to have a degree in cheerleading, so if you haven't got anyone to be yours - YOU GOT ME!

5.) Positive self talk

This really hasn't been one of my strong suits, in fact I still have major work to do on personally enforcing this point. I am ever so positive when it comes to dealing with everybody else's issue but mine. However, because I know how important this is, I have set myself a reminder on telling me something positive everyday. 'I am loved, I am smart (don't feel like it most days but I say it anyway until I believe it), I am kind, I am happy, of course I can, 'I've got what it takes to be successful, I am powerful' etc because indeed I am and so are you!

Our doubts and fears don't always have to be self limiting, I actually believe that if handled right, they can be great stepping stones to achieving self love and happiness. You are loved and you deserve true happiness so don't settle...

Thanks for reading. As always your thoughts, suggestions, comments are highly appreciated xxx

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