This is how I feel starting this blog! So proud of my efforts even sometimes i wish i started earlier but better late than never!

Many congratulations to me, myself and I for starting this blog and thanks so much for stopping by to check it out. When I think just how long it's been since the day I decided I wanted to start a blog, I am super relieved and very proud of myself for finally taking the positive action of writing.

I physically had to drag myself to the little corner of my home I have assigned as an office and even that didn't help. Turned on the laptop and obviously had to browse the internet for everything under the sun that had nothing to do with anything :) When I finally snapped out of it, my what ifs and doubt buddies stopped by to say hello! Trust me my what ifs and doubt buddies are super loud and they have mastered the art of exaggeration! They are a force to reckon with! They come in forms such as these :

  • "Girl you know you are super late to the blogging party right? I mean let's face it, everyone on the surface on the earth already has a blog" (see told you they were masters of exaggeration).

  • "Even if you aren't late, (we know you are- but just for argument sake) what are the odds that anyone will read your blog". "You know we have a point - you have seen how good bloggers nowadays are...

  • So what are you going to write about any way?

  • What makes you think people will want to read about what you have to write anyway?

  • What time do you have to write- oh yes I am a full time mum of 2 toddlers

  • Shouldn't you be looking for a proper job?

Trust me if I let them, they could go on all day long! They have way too much to say and they certainly know my fears and doubts. Not only do they know these so well, they've pulled on them for the past 33 years or rather I have let them pull on these for the last 33 years. So now you see why I said I am proud of moir (me, myself and I) The truth of the fact is overcoming fears and doubts is a life long commitment. However, I am determined!

Therein lies the purpose of this blog - I started this blog because I am quite passionate about self development but not the traditional scream out loud tell yourself you can and abracadabra you are fixed! Nope, I am a realist, self development in my opinion is a life long commitment, it takes constant re-evaluation, constant reminder, constant action and there! Life long indeed!

So, in conclusion, though my ifs and doubt buddies are pretty loud and masters of exaggeration, I know for certain that my mostly timid, ever cautious 'of course you can' bestie is way more powerful and always ready to take action if I let her. So glad I let her convince me on starting this blog. I feel freer, lighter and happier knowing that this one thing I knew for certain that I could do but was way too scared to do is now being done and I am enjoying it. So, whatever your one thing is, whether it's starting your own business, losing a few pounds, taking a new course, eating more healthily, learning a skill or hobby, quitting smoking, spending more time on personal development whatever it is whether small or big I am saying to you - YOU CERTAINLY CAN! and IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START!

Start today, start now and if you fail or forget, keep going, start again because you've got your whole life to get it right!

Wishing you all the love and happiness you deserve!

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