Hey loves, hope you've had a fabulous summer holiday! I sure did! It was a much needed and appreciated break. Lots of fun and down time with loved ones ❤️ Well, I guess it's time to get back to the business of inspiring you( and me😊). So I'm diving straight in by sharing these fabulous life principles that have really helped me gain so much confidence and a healthy mindset over the years. 1. Don't compare yourself with anyone else - You are unique - one of a kind. Your uniqueness and gifts were specifically chosen by God for you and for a purpose. Trying to be like anyone else is a disservice to you and the world, which desperately needs you to be who you are. 2. Never speak or think negati


GUEST POST!!! I'm a firm believer that time is a precious commodity and shouldn't be taken for granted! That's why I was very excited when Quratulain asked to share her post on my site. Hope by reading, you'll be so inspired that you wouldn't waste another second of the precious time you have left ❤️ TIME ISN’T MONEY; YOU CAN EARN MONEY BACK, BUT NOT TIME! Today I had an interesting conversation with my colleague. He argued that, despite the fact that many people consider the value of time and money to be similar, their essences are not the same. He said: “You can always find a way to earn back money even if you go bankrupt, but you can never earn back the time you've spent” – H.G Quite thou

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