So, my little human self (that part of me that only cares for me, myself and I) has been hard at work trying to distabilise my flow 😊 All because of an incident that happened the other day. A friend of mine called, very excited because she had just published her first book. She knew without any doubt that the moment she told me the good news, I'd be screaming and dancing for her. And believe you me, that was exactly what happened. I was so happy for her, well at least the love side of me was. The moment I hung up, my little human self, thinking only of her self, went into full tantrum : "See everyone else has come from behind and published ahead of you and your book is still unpublished"(S


Hey beautiful people, apologies for being MIA for a little while. I know you've missed me, I've missed you too. Hope you all are well and thriving. Life has been happening in all sorts of ways...so many new and exciting things coming soon and I promise to share with you guys as time goes on. So I'd love to continue on the topic of purpose - I'm so fired up by this one. If you haven't had the opportunity of reading my post on What's your purpose, please check it out here - I promise you'll be glad you did. I really believe with all my heart that, the purpose of life is to be happy. Finding that thing(s) which makes you happy should be an absolute priority. While I can't actually give you an e

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