Photo Credit : Autumn Goodman on Unsplash Like most people, I too, love and covet nice things 🙈! I love wearing beautiful clothes! I love the look on my little men’s faces when they get a new toy! But I'm soon confronted with these nagging questions: how much is enough? How much is too much? How much stuff will it really take to make you happy? Ever felt the urge to go shopping and then in the same breath think to yourself, do I really need to? Then try to convince yourself that you do?!? So guilty! - My rationalisation?... Oh, that's got me written all over it, besides IT'S ON SALE!!… I could just put it on the credit card, all eyes will be on me at the party, the kids will feel left out i


So y'all know your girl is on this self development journey. Happy to report back that I'm thriving beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks so much, I can sense you're happy for me ❤️ My latest area of work is on my thoughts. Some days they are so rambunctious(haha I picked up this word up from one of the cartoons my boys watch )and rebellious I can't even believe they are mine. Now I'm on a mission to take control of them. Picture this scenario I made up as an example of how quickly negative thoughts if left unchecked can get out of hand... Two friends who I'll call Twig and Bee, decide to take a trip. They agree on a meeting spot from where they'd start their journey. Twig gets there on time and


Every now and then, you hear a song that motivates, inspires and leaves you feeling like you can do anything you put your mind to. R. Kelly's - I am the greatest is one such song for me. The words always make me feel invincible. They make me feel like there's nothing I can't be or do. I just love it! There have been a few others, just can't think of any though, maybe they weren't that powerful after all 😊 However, I recently just heard another that inspired and empowered my socks off and has now become my go to song for inspiration and motivation. Love this song so much, I had to share! Here's how I got introduced to it : One Friday evening, Hubby and I were watching The Graham Norton Sho


I've heard people say many times before... 'I just decided and I did it!' That's personal power - the innate ability we all possess to intentionally take a decision and act on it! I sometimes struggle with this concept of personal power , because it's mind buggling how much control we have over where our lives are headed. However, so many of us act as though we have absolutely no power at all. Here is a classic and relatable example, If I decided today that I really wanted to lose 10lb in a week, harnessing my personal power would make this possible. I'd have to make a few diet changes, implement an exercise routine etc. Personal power goes hand in hand with self discipline and are both s

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