As the golden rays of the sun poke through the sky, I'm reminded of His Love. I close my eyes and say a word of thanks and strength to face the day. A brand new canvas with no strokes of regret I'm off to make my mark. To inspire, to love and touch every soul I meet. Hello beautiful people, here is a little poem I wrote. Hope you love it. Please don't forget to leave me your feedback,comments and suggestions. Kindly share xxx Love always, Kamapala


The cliche of New Year Resolutions when the year roles in right? Some make them, some don't. Well, I've managed to fail at both! Hear me out... life is full of goals and aspirations, it's our yardstick for measuring how far we've come, how far we have to go, successes and failures - you get the gist... the year should be no different. So even when I don't intend to "make" a resolution, I find myself juggling a few in my head. When I do make resolutions, you know... the usual - lose weight, eat more healthy, save more... I always start out all excited with so much fire, desire, will power - this is the year I definitely get to achieve X or Y... all that good stuff... By week 2, (probably no n


Did you do this too - eat so much over the festive season as if food was going out of style? If you didn't please try not to judge me :) My excuse - it was the festive season and I was secretly hoping everyone was doing it too. I usually try not to get sucked up into the 'Christmas Spirit' that takes over most people come December time. But boy did I fail this year! It could be because my little men were quite excited and that got me excited too. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good I literally went on a "See food diet"- the worst kind of diet out there because it literally means eating everything you see! It wouldn't have been so bad if I got to do my usual 40 minutes power walk dropping and pic

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