The world needs people like you.
And you need people like me.

Hello cherished one, I'm truly delighted to have you here on my site. My name is Kamapala (Ka-ma-pa-la) Chukwuka (Choo-koo-ka) fondly known as Kami.I'm a blessed wife and mum to 3 adorably unique boys who have given me a purpose so great and fulfilling, I can't help but be grateful. 

In 2009,while battling with extreme low self esteem, broken and confused with not much sense of purpose - I went on a self development journey. As I worked on myself, life kept throwing women who were just as broken as I was my way. With little self esteem of my own, I became a source of encouragement and empowerment to them. A chance meeting with a beautiful young lady who had been in an abusive relationship and had found the courage to escape with her 3 year old son was the deciding factor to pursue a career in coaching/counselling.

We met once a week and shared about our week(she lived in a refuge hostel for women who had been abused, the stories she told were quite distressing). Every session with her made me realize that I had a gift! I had a gift to empower, to encourage and build up other women. Though, she moved away and we lost contact, I know in my heart that she is thriving! 

There have been many other women after her and I'm so blessed to have shared in their distress and to be a source of hope, encouragement, empowerment and love. 

As a Certified life coach and Counselor, I get the joy and pleasure of empowering women to find the confidence within to go out and build a life they love.


So if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • Lacking in the confidence required to boldly create the life you desire 

  • Feeling like life is slowly passing you by.

  • Stuck in a job which leaves you unfulfilled.

  • Have dreams, goals that you would love to bring to life but don't know how to get started.

  • Stuck in relationships or cycles that leave you trapped. Or simply desire motivation, encouragement, spiritual inspiration to get you going.

Then get in touch now for a free 30 minute discovery chat session.


I'll be delighted to help you find the solutions to whatever situation it is that has you stuck.

I'll be delighted to be your partner and cheerleader as you work towards achieving the life you truly deserve.

Wishing you all the love, happiness and success you deserve.